A vote in the ballot box cannot be obtained without an understanding of the voter who is casting it. 

Advantage Research Services, INC. political polls provide civic leaders and candidates with the hard data they need to guide specific, targeted action, including:

  • Decision Making
  • Policy Formation
  • Lawmaking
  • Public Intent To Support
  • Identifying Concentrations of Political Supporters.
  • Identifying the Strengths and Weaknesses of Opponents.
  • Refining communications for marketing a candidate’s personal attributes, beliefs, policies, and political vision.

Political research surveys also have utility at the corporate or organizational level. Companies who invest in lobbying and campaign efforts must have an accurate assessment of a candidate’s stance on a given issue, as well as the probability of a successful run by that candidate.

Nobody wants to back the wrong horse. It is critical for organizations to ensure their political donations are directed toward the proper candidate. Endorsement of an unpopular candidate can damage the reputation of the organization, generate negative publicity, or alienate the winner of the election.

We have worked with statewide, legislative, regional, and local political candidates and ballot committees for more than 20 years.  Advantage Research provides first-class scientifically gathered data to its political polling clients, regardless of political affiliation.

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