Capabilities Overview

Research Services

  • Quantitative Research

Surveys are custom made to collect, analyze, and interpret data for and about your product.

  • Qualitative Research

Designed to observe customer behavior, motivations, and emotions while making purchase decisions.

  • On-Site Panel/Sensory/Taste Tests

Various styles of testing to best fit the desired results of your research including on-site product acceptance, taste tests, sensory testing, and at-home use testing.


Client List

Here are a few of the big-name companies we have worked with in the past.


  • Full Service Amenities
  • Quality Respondent Recruitment
  • Convenient Locations
    • Grand Rapids, MI
    • Detroit, MI
    • Fort Wayne, IN
    • South Bend, IN

Take a Closer Look

Here is a summary of a few of our previous case studies:

Client Industries

  • Education
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Home Appliance
  • Hospitality/Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Services